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Sign Up for Office 365 Single Sign-On (SSO)
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1. Go to to register your CSP account.
2. Click on Register in the top right corner.

3. Enter your CSP email address.
4. Choose a password (This password is for the SAML Toolkit only and should not be the same as
your CSP password).
5. Confirm your password.
6. After you have registered, you will be redirected to your SAML Toolkit for Azure AD account. Click Log Off in the top corner.

8. Now login to Microsoft Access Panel using this link
9. Sign in with your CSP Email Account.
10. Enter your CSP password (The same password that you would use for your CSP email).

11. You can also go to your CSP-licensed Office 365 products on your laptop, such as your Word App,
Excel App, etc., and sign in with your CSP Email account and password.

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