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Connecting to Campus Wi-Fi
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How do I connect to the Internet?

  1. Turn on your device, and make sure that Wi-Fi is enabled
  2. Connect to cspsecure by double-clicking on this network in your network list
  3. This will prompt you for a username and password. This login will be the same credentials you use for logging into CSP Connect and Blackboard (My Courses).

Issues connecting to cspsecure

If you’ve recently reset your password, you will need to forget the login credentials for cspsecure and type in your new password.

If your device is still struggling to connect to the wi-fi, check if your device has any pending updates and then restart the device.


Guest Network

At this time we are not providing an open guest network. If you are a guest on campus visiting for a CSP-related reason, please contact the help desk at [email protected] or 651-641-8866 for the login options.


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